Growing up in North Dublin, Cavan & Monaghan

The lives and lifestyles of our young people

The overall vision of Planet Youth is that all young people are active, healthy and happy, connected to their families and communities, and achieving their full potential.

About Planet Youth

Planet Youth is a primary prevention program for young people’s health and wellbeing that focuses on reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors in young people’s lives. The mechanism by which it achieves these objectives are by improving the social environment and ensuring that young people have access to adequate resources and community based supports to lead fulfilling lives. The program aims to use evidence based practice and create partnerships within local communities to achieve its objectives.
The program combines people and skills from prevention practice, research and policy formation through a single umbrella program.
The program has a specific focus on reducing substance use (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs) in young people through primary prevention. Primary prevention is concerned with reducing the risk of a health event ever occurring.

The purpose of reducing or delaying the onset of substance use in adolescence is multifaceted. Adolescents whom use substances are more likely to develop substance dependence and significant mental and physical health problems compared to adults who use substances. Given that substance dependence is on average a long term condition, intervening at this critical stage of young people’s development is a best buy.

What happens with the information?

it is collated in an overall report which will help our understanding of what life is like for 14-16 year olds in the area.

What happens if I change my mind?

You can decide that you don’t want your child to take part in the survey up to 15 minutes before hand with no consequences whatsoever.

Will my child be identified ?

No names or personal details are used – the survey does not ask for those details.

What happens then?

We hope to use this general information about the lived experience of young people in the area to help us work with partners to plan initiatives to improve health and wellbeing for these young people and those that are younger and growing up in the area in the future

Are there any risks?

While there are questions that ask about personal matters, we have put in place a range of supports in the unlikely event that this causes some stress for your child
Button can be disabled until reports have been completed and prosessed