Cavan & Monaghan

The process so far

March 2020 – Attended the International Planet Youth Conference in Reykjavik and learnt about the first hand experiences on how the implementation of the Planet Youth Survey has supported the improved developments of young people – personally, emotionally, educationally, economically

June 2020 – Cavan Monaghan Working group developed and presentations on why we felt the Planet Youth Model should be introduced to Cavan and Monaghan were presented to key stakeholders who have a remit for Children and Young People

July 2020 – Commitment and investment received from key stakeholders who have a remit for Children and Young People to support the implementation of Planet Youth into Cavan and Monaghan

August 2020 – Planet Youth Survey Questionnaire developed with colleagues in the West of Ireland

October 2020 – Joined with Colleagues from North Dublin to introduce the same Planet Youth Survey to both areas in 2021 and welcomed Dr. Mary Cannon and Dr. Emmet Power from Royal College of Surgeons Ireland as research study lead for the Planet Youth Implementation in Cavan Monaghan and North Dublin

February 2021 – Ethical Approval Submission made to RCPI

May 2021 – Held a Planet Youth webinar for Cavan Monaghan post-primary schools held on the 10th of May.

If you missed it, please find attached link to the Planet Youth Educational Webinar

May/June 2021 – Educational Centre representatives nominated to become part of Planet Youth Implementation Team

July 2021 – Ethical Approval for Planet Youth Survey rollout in Cavan Monaghan and North Dublin received from the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

July 2021 – Service Level Agreement Signed for Project Implementation with Planet Youth in Iceland

August 2021 – Planet Youth Implementation Training – Training will be provided to PY Implementation Team (School Reps, Youth/Community Reps) in late August by ICRSA, University of Reykjavik and this training will support the seamless transition of the programme in each of our schools. Each Planet Youth representative will receive their own Planet Youth Guide and School Pack and will become part of the Planet Youth Communication Team.

October 2021 – Planet Youth Survey will be implemented in all participating education centres (Schools and Youthreach) across Cavan and Monaghan in October. Surveys will be completed digitally by some 2000 students and results will be return annoymously and electronically to ICRSA

How does it work?

It works by addressing the factors in th lives of young people that determine if they’ll go on to use drugs and alcohol.

And by reducing the risk factors and strengthening the protective factors and strengthening the protective factors in a targeted manner.

It’s data-based and focuses on the four major domains shown.

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